NABL Training

NABL is the constituent board of Quality Council of India. It assesses technical competence of testing including medical and calibration laboratories.

Our Postgraduates are trained to be  NABL quality managers which provides them with job opportunities in a general laboratory set up.



Legal aspects of Forensic Odontology.

Our Postgraduate undergo training in the Legal aspects of forensic Odontology.  The course is conducted in collaboration with the Saveetha School of Law. The lectures are conducted by the faculty of law school covering important legal aspects of Forensic Odontology.


Fellowship in Cytopathology

Cytopathology is a diagnostic technique that examines cells from the various body sites. For the first time in the history of the nation, Our Postgraduates undergo a fellowship training in Cytopathology, including specimen collection, fixation, smear preparation, Slide reading and interpretation. They are well-trained in this course by Qualified General pathologists of the Saveetha Medical college. Their performance is evaluated by assessment.


Molecular Biology Training

The postgraduates are trained in Molecular Biology Methods including DNA, RNA extraction, PCR and RT-PCR analysis trained by the Ministry of Small, micro and Medium Enterprises.


Online Journal Discussions

All journal discussions are done under Schoology where the articles are posted in advance followed by an online discussion before the class room discussion. This online discussion makes them aware of the topic prior to the discussion thereby promoting critical learning and better in class interaction


Largest Archive of Histopathology Cases

The Department is proud to house the largest archive of Histopathology Slides. This gives the students a real life time experience to view cases that peers from other colleges get to see only as textbook images.


Oral Biopsy Training

The Postgraduates are trained in performing Oral Biopsy procedures. Biopsy procedures are a  part of the PG curriculum which makes them a cut above the rest.


Surgical Pathology Grossing

Surgical Pathology Grossing in an integral part of Surgical Histopathology. Our post graduates are trained in grossing procedures of variety of head and neck Specimens. They are alternatively posted as grossing in Charge for every week. this exposure and training makes them astute in Gross Pathology


Frozen Section

The only Dental College in the Country to have a state of art Leica Cryostat offering intraoperative consultation to the Surgeons. 

The Postgraduates are posted in rotations for exposure to Frozen Section procedure.



The department houses the largest collection of Diagnostic and Research Primary Antibodies for Immunohistochemical Procedures. 

The Postgraduates are trained in house to perform Immunohistochemistry procedures. 


Hard Tissue Microtome

The department is one of the few to have a hard tissue microtome. It caters to the research work of numerous students across various disciplines from both the state as well as the entire Indian Subcontinent. 

The postgraduates are given hands on training and are posted in rotation basis for hard tissue microtomy.


Cochrane Systematic Review Training Workshop

The postgraduates are trained in Systematic Review and Meta Analysis in a three day workshop by the Cochrane South Asia Group members. The Library dissertation is done as a Systematic Review.