Conferences Conducted

1st International summit of Saliva Symposium India - SALSI, January 2019


Guest Lecture: Status of salivary biomarkers in potentially malignant disorders with special reference to oral sub mucous fibrosis


IADR- APR- SDC Research Symposium 25th february 2017

The event was a grand success with over 600 registrations, back to back lectures and active participation in Scientific Sessions.



With A Participation Of Over 500 Delegates Across The Country

Glimpses from the conference

Dr. Pratibha Ramani, Prof and HOD delivering the welcome address

Release of Souvenir by Hon.Just.  Jaichandren and Dr. N.M.Veeraiyan, Chancellor, Saveetha university

Dr. G.S.Kumar, Prof and HOD, KSR Dental College, honouring Dr. Vishwanathan,  Eminent Oral pathologist

ICMR Panel discussion by Dr. Urmila Mahiji, Dr. Chandramouleeshwari, Dr. Kanchan and Dr. Seema Hallikerimath

Pep talk on Probiotics by  Dr. Ramachandran, Neurologist

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Guest lecture by Dr. Rajiv Desai on Developmental disturbances

Guest lecture by Dr.T.V. Narayan on Diagnostic challenges in soft tissue lesions

Grossing workshop and lectureby Dr. Rekha.V.Kumar 

Grossing workshop and lectureby Dr. Rekha.V.Kumar and Dr. Champaka

Dr. Paul Yesudian discussing cases in the Teleconferencing session held at Pleasant days resort


Conferences Attended


Presentations from the IADR 2017, San Francisco

Conferences Attended

  1. 1st International summit of Saliva Symposium India - SALSI, January 2019

  2. Star Summit - 28-30 January 2019

  3. 27th National IAOMP Conference, Amritsar Nov 16-18, 2018.

  4. 17th IAOMP convention, SRMC Chennai, July 2018

  5. Star Summit -18-20 January 2018

  6. International Conference on Novel Antibiotic Resistance Breakers & Diagnostic Biomarkers

  7. 26th National Conference, Indian association of oral and maxillofacial pathologists 2017, Bhubaneswar.

  8. Oral Cancer- Challenges, Innovations and advancesPG convention at Subharti Dental College at Meerut, June 2017

  9. SHOW CASE 2017 3rd international confernce on case reports and case series,Saveetha Dental College

  10. IADR-APR- Saveetha Dental College Research Symposium, Chennai, February 2017.

  11. Star Summit -3-8 January 2017.

  12. SHOW CASE 2017

  13. IADR general Session and Exhibition, Seoul, Korea.2016

  14. SHOWCASE 2016

  15. 24th National Conference of the IAOMP, November 2015, Pune.

  16. 23rd National Conference of the IAOMP, November 2014, Bangalore.

  17. SHOWCASE 2015, 9th -10th May 2015, Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals.

  18. 27th Annual Conference of the ISDR, October 2014, Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, Chennai-77.

  19. 22nd national Conference of the IAOMP, Mumbai,2013

  20. First national Midterm Conference of the IAOMP 2013, Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, Chennai.

  21. 21th National Conference of IAOMP, 26th – 28th October 2012, Goa.

  22. 20th National Conference of IAOMP, 18, 19 and 20th November 2011, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

  23. Oral cancer Symposium at KSR Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Thiruchengode,5th February, 2012.

  24. XII National P.G Convention of IAOMP, July, 2012, DY Patil Dental dental College, Pune. 14th -15th July 2012.

  25. 9th National conference of the Indian association of Forensic Odontology, 22nd and 23rd October 2011.

  26. I International Conference of Indian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists, Chennai, 11-13th Dec 2010.

  27. XVI national conference of Indian associations of oral and maxillofacial pathologists. Khajuraho, December 2007.

  28. 17th annual conference of Indian society for dental research. 27th November 2005, Ragas dental college, Chennai.

  29. 5th National PG Convention of IAOMP, Oxford Dental College.

  30. 14th National Conference of the IAOMP, Agra

  31. 22nd National ISDR Conference-GDC, Ahmedabad, 2009

  32. 28thTamilnadu State Dental Conference, Kanchipuram, 2010

  33. Oral Cancer Rays of Hope- SRM kattankulanthur, Chennai, 2013

  34. 63rd IDA Conference- Chennai, 2010

  35. Current Advances and controversies in Oral Medicine, Surgery, radiology- RV Dental College, Bangalore.,

  36. 58th Indian Dental conference, Vijayawada, 2003